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Adding a map

Creating the map template

Please follow the Plasmid tutorial on how to create a map template.

A Build Rush map template needs the following regions: - center_plot: the center of the map, where the players will be teleported to at first, and where the chosen build may appear at points. (only 1) - plot: the plots where the players will build. There must be at least as many plots as the max amount of players in the game configuration (see below).

A map can only support one size of builds. The size of the chosen builds is determined by the size of the plots.

All plots must be of the same size (width and length) and be 1 block high.


If you get anything wrong with your map, the game will not start. You can check the logs to see what went wrong.

Map templates are stored in the map_templates folder of the datapack, so save it there when you're done.

Creating the game configuration

Please follow the Plasmid tutorial on how to create a game configuration.

You now need to add a game configuration that will use your map. Game configurations are stored in the games folder of the datapack, so create your .json file there.

Here are the configuration fields added by Build Rush, on top of the ones added by Plasmid:

  // ...
  "players": {
    "min": 1,
    "threshold": 8,
    "max": 16
  "map": {
    "template": "build_rush:my_map",
    "nametag_offset": 5,
    "nametag_size": 2.0,
    "author": {
      "name": "jeb_",
      "uuid": "853c80ef-3c37-49fd-aa49-938b674adae6"
  "builds": "#build_rush:generic"
  // ...

The game type is build_rush:standard.

Field Description Required Defaults to
players The configuration of number of players. Yes
map The configuration of the map. Yes
map.template The map template to use. Yes
map.nametag_offset The offset of the name tag above the player's plot. No 10
map.nametag_size The size of the name tag above the player's plot. No 5.0 The author of the map. No The name of the author. Yes The UUID of the author. No
builds The list of builds to use. Can be a list of builds, or a tag. Yes #build_rush:generic

The #build_rush:generic tag includes most of the available builds.


The builds field can contain any builds, even if they are not compatible with the map. Only compatible builds from the entry list will get used.

Notes on contributions

If you are contributing to the Build Rush repository, please make sure to follow this checklist before submitting your pull request: - Your map template and game configuration have the same name. - Your game configuration is in the correct subfolder: small is for maps compatible with 5x5 builds, medium is for 7x7, and large is for 9x9. - Your game configuration is listed in the random game configuration in the same subfolder. - The game configuration follows this example:

  // ...
  "name": {                                        
    "translate": "game.build_rush.small.with_map",   // change "small" with "medium" or "large" depending on the size of your plots
      "with": [
        "translate": "map.build_rush.my_map"         // change "my_map" with the identifier of your map (and translate it in lang/en_us.json)
  "icon": "minecraft:diamond",                       // as your game will show up in the list of games, you need an item to represent it
  // ...
- Your game configuration has an icon. - The build list is large enough, to counter the feeling of repetitiveness. If you don't have enough builds, leave the builds empty for the game to use the #build_rush:generic tag.